The Quest Schema

tumblr_m0zktnZOXo1rrd376o1_500Pride Rock stands as the ordinary world for The Lion King’s primary character Simba, although with the lush tropical beauty that encompasses Pride Rock, one would believe that Simba’s home would actually function as his special world, but it doesn’t. Simba not only verbally signals though his speech that he longs to explore the world beyond Pride Rock, but he also signals his desire through song. Look at the song he sings: “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”

Why is it that Simba can’t wait to be King? I think it all comes down to Simba’s inner problem: He’s young, he’s prideful, he wants to be in control of his own destiny and life. He fails to realize that his discontent and lack of respect will not only cause an outer problem, but will also compound his inner problem when he fails to heed the rules of his two threshold guardians, his father Mufasa and Zazu, the King’s right hand and Simba’s teacher. You see, Simba is tricked by his selfish and evil Uncle Scar and ultimately leads his father to his death, which is Simba’s test.

tumblr_mu9l7sL55e1sj1yofo1_500Now, Simba’s shadow mentor is his future wife Nala, who finds him living wild and free out in the jungle, still plagued by the ordeal of his father’s death. Simba’s approach to that ordeal has been to fully take all ownership in his father’s death. Simba fails to realize that he was set up by his Uncle. Nala issues a call to Simba to return to Pride Rock and claim his rightful place as King of Pride Rock. Simba has a choice he has to make. He can either face his past or continue on the path of “Hakuna Matata” a life of no worries with his mentors Timon and Pumba.

Thankfully, Simba choses to return to Pride Rock and overthrows his evil Uncle, which solves his outer problem. Pride Rock is resorted to its former glorious days under Simba’s rule and he finally comes to terms with the guilt he felt over his father’s death, which alleviates his inner problem.



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