On the Premises

tumblr_ly45dlivSZ1qjt9p1o1_500In my entertainment section I actually focused on three movies that impacted me at different stages of my childhood. For this exercise I actually want to focus on Beauty and the Beast. As I’ve expressed in previous posts, I was a bit of an adventurous little girl, up until the time I was about 6 or 7. I’m not really sure what happened, I just know that I went from being fairly outgoing to being fairly shy and scared of things. When I first saw Beauty and the Beast, I was around 9 years old, which means that I had tumblr_mpb6tslTOh1soni85o1_500just begun to experience the joys of being picked on, called names and bullied. I instantly connected and identified with both of the movies main characters. Like Belle, I loved to read books! They took me to far off places where I could engage in daring sword fights, encounter or cast magic spells and maybe just meet my own handsome Prince. I think what stood out the most to me was the way that Belle shined! Not because she was beautiful, but because she was kind and she was strong! I wanted to be like her. I wanted the super power of being able to see past’s people’s beast-like behaviors and see the wounds that caused them to lash out and snap at people.

On the other hand, I could totally identify with the Beast as well, especially as I got older and I gained more weight. I know that the Enchantress at the beginning of the movie casts the spell on Beast because she believed he was selfish, cold-hearted and mean, but I think there’s a deeper reason why Beast behaved that way. If you look at the people who were put under the enchantment, we never meet or see any instance of the Beast’s parents. Where are they? Did he grow up in the castle alone? Although the staff that lives in the castle is amazing, kind and loving, Beast’s attitude could be attributed to a lack of parental figures in his home. It is Belle’s compassion, kindness and love that helps to bring about Beast’s transformation. When a person is shown love, even at their ugliest point in their life, it sparks something deep inside of them and helps to, essentially, bring them back to life.

I think being picked on and being bullied played a huge role in the reason why I always strive to treat people well. There is actually a plaque that hangs over my front door that says “Do the kindest things in the kindest ways,” which is essentially the motto that I strive to live my life by.


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