Noticing Default Moods

13917832704_25b3dd10e9_b I’m kinda torn between two institutions: Church and College. College is really on my mind though because I’m graduating in a few weeks, which is really mind-blowing. I originally started at Kennesaw State in 2001 after I graduated from Harrison High School. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to go to KSU. I had been accepted to my first choice, Valdosta State, and I really wanted to go, but I didn’t really qualify for any financial aid, so my mom said, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to KSU, you go.” I was so disappointed and I was mad, so needless to say I didn’t start my Freshman year off that well, because I was feeling rebellious. I did pretty well that semester, except for my 8 am spanish class (it was just too early in the morning) and overall I did fairly well considering my attitude. The next semester I fell down a flight of stairs at a friend’s house and broke my right ankle/leg in three places. I faxed in my withdrawal forms, but somehow they got lost and I ended up on academic probation. (That was an ordeal to get straightened out).

Over the course of the next few semesters, I really couldn’t get grounded in school. I was working full-time and going to class full-time. It was way to much of an overload for me and I had some financial issues come up so, I attended my last set of classes in Fall 2004. I kicked myself for not finishing. It was one of my biggest regrets. It made me sad and really weighed me down. So when I was in a bad car accident in 2009 and I lost my job, I was determined that I was going back and finishing my degree.


Fast forward to Spring 2011 and I re-entered the hallowed halls of KSU. My attitude had undergone a total transition. I was bound and determined to do well and I have. Since I’ve returned to KSU, I changed my major, added a minor and became Vice President of one of our honor societies. On May 14th, at 3 pm I will graduate from Kennesaw State University with a BA in English, a minor in Professional writing and with 13917399535_d35a7c3e29_bhonors. I’ve met so many amazing people here. This journey through finishing my college education has been so much different from when it began originally. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I’m even more thankful for the friends I’ve made, the amazing professors that have taught me so many wonderful things. My college experience has literally existed on separate ends of the spectrum. College is where they say that you find yourself, and it has definitely played that role in my life. But for me, I really think that college has been the place where I redeemed myself and proved that I could do this. These past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride and it has proven stressful at times, but it has all been worth it. I cannot wait to walk across that stage, but more importantly, I can’t wait to toss my cap in the air because that will truly signal the completion of this life long journey. I’m definitely going to miss the halls of KSU, and I will be sad … but I think it will take me awhile before I miss the massive papers and stressful due dates. Farewell, KSU. Adieu! Parting is such sweet sorrow!


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