Being Singular

8c3b3cff095ac321d88132b295134ee8Orality: People have been telling stories since the beginning of time. Whenever people gather together what do they do? They tell stories, relate and retell the events that are happening in their lives. Before literacy even existed, people spoke and they told stories. I love this quote by Phillip Pullman because it makes stories an essentially part of life. We need stories in order to survive, therefore we need storytellers in order for life to continue on. What happens when people don’t tell stories? Stories are the building blocks for communication. Why did people tell stories? Was it just about the entertainment? No, of course not. Pullman’s quote states that we need food, shelter and companionship in order to survive … what happens when you string those elements together? Storytelling occurs naturally. Here’s a for instance: you’re at a party with lots of other people, your eating, drinking your sweet tea, enjoying the nice ac and your surrounded by people who you genuinely care about and that care about you. What do you do? You communicate and tell them the stories that have happened to you since you last saw them.


Literacy: Freedom is found when a person can read and write. Thoughts are the internal monologue that we carry on throughout the day with ourselves, yet sometimes we need to put those words to pen and paper in order to fully work out what we are either attempting to say or attempting to do. I know that for myself, I am a lot happier when I can sit down with my journal outside and just let the pen start flowing across the pages. Sometimes it’s not until I’ve written everything out that I can finally take a deep breath and sigh. Why? Because my mind is finally calm. Sometimes you’ve got to put action to the words spinning around in your mind. The act of writing something out, making an act of confession, begins to allow the healing to begin. It’s funny because a quote that I saw today, which ties back into orality, said something along the lines that when you’ve told your own story, you’ve allowed the process of healing to begin, but even more so, your story may have sparked the healing for someone else as well. We are a product of what we read and our character is demonstrated by what I write or say. All of these mediums of literacy and orality have an effect on who we become as people.


Singularity: How do I behave as an image? I always try to be as authentic and real as possible. What you 13894296916_fa096932b0_bseen on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pretty much what you’d witness on a day-to-day basis. My news feed has pictures of my dogs, pictures of my friends, pictures of the places I’ve traveled, scripture that has spoken to me, images that I’ve created for work or for volunteer work I’ve done. I’m very much a what you see is what you get … at least I try to be. I am by no means perfect. Trust me, I make plenty of mistakes and I do a good job of opening my mouth and sticking my foot in, at times as well. Orality, essentially storytelling is a huge part of my life. I loved being read to as a child and I loved coming up with stories or making up impromptu songs. I also think I connect so well with storytelling because I love fairy tales and I connect all forms of fairy tales with storytelling because that’s how the stories originated. When I’m not in school, I’m also a big journalizer. I love to grab my bible, or a book I’m reading on personal development or something like that and to go, either sit on my back porch or drive down to the park and sit outside journaling while I enjoy the beautiful day. My journaling has never been “Dear Diary” either. I’ve always written letters to God where I’ve shared my heart or questioned Him about a specific circumstance I was walking thorough or I’ve just flat-out gotten angry with Him because I just either couldn’t take one more thing or I couldn’t understand what He was trying to teach me at that point in time.


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