Pidgin Signs

For myself, I think that the pidgin signs that I focus on deal with merging images and writing. I love photography and I’ve taken a lot of photographs of nature, friends, family, the city, etc. I love to create and craft images that inspire and encourage. If you look back through all of my posts I talk about a lot of things, my family, my love of reading, libraries and books, my friends, my fur babies, my stuffed animals, my love of movies, etc. Every post and every page is punctuated with images and text or images that I’ve created or written on. I’m a storyteller. Very rarely can I get to a specific point quickly. There’s always some details that I want to create for my audience, either though my detailed descriptions or through images that I show them. When you look on my Facebook or my Instragram or these posts and pages I’ve written, you don’t just seem one or two images. There are multiple images. I’ve always spoken in images. I love imagery and metaphor and poetics. One of the ways that I made it through my teenage years was through the art of creating poetry. That was my therapy for me. I’ll post a few of the ones I’ve created for Church 4 Chicks, a women’s ministry that I volunteer with.



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