Vernacular Genres

New Salem Baptist Church is where I first met Jesus!

There were two practices common to my family life growing up and they exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Now, I’ve already mentioned in one post that my mom is soo proud of the fact that she’s had me in church since I was in her womb. My mom and I spent every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night was spent at church. That does not include revival or vacation bible school. Now, don’t get me wrong … I loved going to church, but it was hard for me because my dad didn’t go to church with us. I always got jealous because he got to sleep a little bit later and he also got to watch Sunday morning cartoons. Now, this is important because even at 32 I still LOVE cartoons and I still watch them. So, I was just a tiny wee bit jealous that my dad got to sleep in and watch cartoons without me. Going to church was my bonding time with my mom. It’s how we connected.

A HUGE part of my childhood! Watching Scooby Doo with my daddy!

A HUGE part of my childhood! Watching Scooby Doo with my daddy!

But, my dad and I connected in a totally different way. My daddy was always my tv/movie buddy. He actually took me to see my first movie (I know I was five years old and I know that it wasn’t a kids movie because I was a little scared by it). Every Saturday morning (unless my dad was going off to cut grass, therefore I’d go with him and earn money pushing the push mower) we’d curl up in his arm chair and tune into Saturday morning cartoons. My mom may have introduced me to my love of reading, but my dad introduced me to my love of movies and television shows. The first time that I watched Scooby Doo was with my daddy. The first time that I saw Toy Story, my daddy took me to the movie theater.  During the summers when I was outta school my dad and I would just hop in his 1983 cherry apple red silverado truck and head to the movies. He’d get us popcorn and a coke to share and we’d spend the next two hours engaged in the movie. Or, as I said before we’d watch cartoons or wrestling or our favorite tv show. I think today I still watch soo much tv because it allows me to feel connected to my daddy.


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