Mapping the Popcycle

Once again I color coded my map for you with specific pin colors, although I just realized that I forgot to include work (but those jobs didn’t match up with what I wanted my career to be, so it’s okay).

The BLUE PINs represent where I was born (Marietta, GA) and where I currently live now (Cartersville, GA). I grew up in the city of Marietta and attended Marietta city schools. My mom, my daddy and I lived in a 4 room house on Mary Ln until I was 15. The house was owned by my grandfather and he let us live there for free with the condition that we had to take care of the repairs for the house. The neighborhood was really nice. We knew our neighbors and there were a lot of kids who lived there. A lot of times they came over to my house because my mom got me a trampoline when I was around 10. Today, I live in a small neighborhood in Cartersville. You may find this funny, but when I looked for my house, I actually looked by house type and not location. I wanted a house that had a huge front porch, a large back porch with a fenced in yard, a pool (planning to add one in the next couple of years) and a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a large garage and a nice kitchen. (I’ll be honest, I’m a kitchen snob). When I drive home from school, I actually get off at the Rome/Canton exit because I live north of the city of Cartersville. I wanted a quiet neighborhood where I’d see cows, goats, horses and chickens on my way home. I didn’t want to live in the city, I didn’t want to live in the suburbs (you thought I was gonna say country didn’t you?) but I didn’t want to live far out in the country either. My little piece of heaven is about 8 minutes from downtown Cartersville and I’m five minutes from Walmart. 

The YELLOW PINs represent where I’ve lived along my journey to my home and they also represent where my relatives live. The three central yellow pins in Cobb show that I’ve lived in Kennesaw, Acworth and right on the border of Kennesaw/Marietta. I’ve also lived in Paulding country right between Paulding, Bartow and Cobb. My Great Uncles and their wives live in Pickens County. My great-uncle Roger and his wife Faye live in Tate, GA and my great-uncle Johnny lives in Jasper, GA. My mom’s brother Ronnie and his wife Pat live in Cherokee County, in Woodstock, Ga. My uncle Mike lives in Paulding County, out in New Dallas, GA. 

The GREEN PINs pin post places that I experienced in my childhood. Key places that make up memories for me. I love to swim and in lower Roswell there was a community pool that was really nice and inexpensive to go to. My mom would take me there a lot when we couldn’t afford to go to White Water. I’m a thrill junkie, so I grew up loving Six Flags. I always tried to go at least once or twice a year. We also went to Stone Mountain a lot. We’d have picnics and watch the laser show and ride the train around the mountain. Not to mention that I loved the antebellum houses, the flowers, riding the boat and just being outdoors in nature. In 6th grade I got to go to Savannah, GA and Tybee Island for the first time. Although, I don’t think this was the first time I saw the ocean, the trip made a big impact on me. It was the first time I was away from home for a week and it was just an amazing experience. Savannah and Tybee became two of my favorite destinations. As a child, my parents and I never really went to Atlanta, but as I got older I went with my church group to a Braves game, music concerts, and a Hawks game. When I could drive there myself, I took Faith and Jess to see Wicked at the Fox Theater. I love the Fox and I love live performances. So far I’ve seen Wicked, Beauty and the Beast (favorite Disney Princess movie), The Grinch, Les Miserable and Mary Poppins. My mom doesn’t know it, but I’m taking us to see The Little Mermaid in June (these are only the shows I’ve seen at the Fox, it’d take to long to list them all). I’ve loved all the plays I’ve seen but my top three are Wicked, Into the Woods and in all honesty a tie between Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables

I know that I touched upon my love of entertainment in the above paragraph, but my love of the arts goes so much deeper. Not only do I love live theater, but I love going to the movies, watching tv, singing and going to concerts, and theme parks. I’ve seen almost ever movie that Disney has ever made. My top two favorite Disney movies are Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast. I love Beauty and the Beast by I really identify with both Belle and the Beast. I identify with Beast because growing up as an obese child, I knew what it felt like to be looked down upon and judged based on your appearance and not your heart. I love Belle because she see’s through the Beast’s pain and she has such a pure and beautiful heart. Not to mention, she loves books!

My pop cycle is extensive because, just as Shrek said that Ogres are like onions (because they have layers) I’m like an onion as well. There are many layers that make up who I am. I’ve been influenced by the music that I listen to — I’m a country girl at heart that loves to travel back in time and chill with the Rat Pack in the 1950’s, but I’m also a girl whose heart is captured by praise and worship, but can flip on a dime and jam to some Lecrae (an amazing christian hip hop/rap artist). I have a sensitive soul. I feel things deeply and I’m affected by people’s words and actions. Although I’m not as sensitive as I use to be and I’ve become a lot stronger and more confident in myself – people’s opinions still matter to me.


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