Mapping Home

Home is a complicated notion/idea for me. I was born and raised in Marietta, GA until I was 15 years old. Then I moved to Kennesaw, GA to live with my mom and step dad and from that point we moved to Acworth, GA in Paulding County. I moved out on my own when I was 23 and moved into a basement apartment in Acworth, GA in Cobb County. Three years later I moved to Kennesaw for exactly three weeks and had to move back in with my mom and step dadbecause of a really bad car accident.

The BLUE PIN represents where I call home. I was born and raised in the South and I love being a Southern Belle. It’s a deep part of my identity. I love living in the South and could not imagine living anywhere else.

The GREEN PIN represents the places that I have traveled to visit friends. My best friend Kelly lives in Fort Thomas, KY, (I’ve visited her 4 times)  my best friend Christy lives in Daphne, AL (I’ve visited her 6 times) and my former single’s pastor and his family lived in Sacramento, CA ( I visited them 3 times and they just moved to Kansas City, KS). I’ve also visited friends in NY and took a mission trip to Dayton, OH and made friends there.

The YELLOW PIN represents where my half-brother lives with his family. He’s a marine stationed in Norfolk, VA. This is also the place where my father passed away.

The RED PIN represents where I’ve traveled to for fun or on mission trips. I got to go to Disney World with my 8th Grade Choir. I went to Jamaica on a mission trip. I went to the Bahamas with my friend Christy and my mom and step dad. I love going to Rock City in Chattanooga! It brings back a lot of childhood memories and makes me feel all happy and cozy. Also, I won a free trip to meet my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury, in Nashville, TN. 

Although the pins above establish places and people that I have spent time with – home is a unique concept for me, especially in regards to family. Growing up, I had a mom and a dad, a half brother, two aunts and uncles, cousins, my great uncles and aunts and a grandmother and grandfather. Today, I have my mom. She still has her two brothers, my uncles and their wives, but we have no real contact and/or relationship with them. We keep in touch with my great uncles and their wives, but we only see them 2 to 3 times a year. There’s a quote that is kinda the mantra and motto of my life. I truly believe it was given to me by God:


Home for me has always been established where my friends are. My home that I own is my home, but the friends that I have in my life are my family. You’ve seen some of them pictured above, but that’s just a small sampling. After my dad died, I was adrift. I was angry at my mom because I partially blamed her for my dad’s death. Thankfully, God but some amazing people in my life who loved on me and stepped into my life as my family. I may be an only child by blood, but I have a handful of brothers and sisters. I have a woman who God brought into my life to be a mom to me and to teach me the joys of being loved unconditionally. I’m blessed beyond measure. I have an amazing lady in my life right now that is mentoring me and teaching me to once again dream and believe in myself. Here’s another snapshot of the people who bless my life and who define HOME for me:


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