Make a Cosomogram

There’s a lot of linking going on throughout my posts. One of the biggest connections that I’ve seen has been between God and Nature. For me, God is at the center of my identity. On my worst day, when I’m not the best or the most lovable, Christ still dwells in me and therefore I am Christ in Amy. That may seem like a strange concept, but simply broken down it means that when I accepted Christ as my Savior, my identity was fused with Christ’s.

God is also Creator and I love His creation! I love to be outside, to see the sun shining down and the winds shaping intricate cloud formations in the beautifully, bright, blue sky. I also, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, love butterflies. Did you know that butterflies who are helped or taken out of their cocoon’s don’t survive? I think, at least for me, that’s a metaphor for life. If we never struggle and if we never face difficult times, then there’s never room for growth or change. I love the ocean! It’s, surpassingly, the most peaceful and calming place for me. Rainstorms and rocking boats are the lullaby’s that lull me into peaceful sleep.

The majority of the time, nature is the greatest way that I connect with God. I mean … when I sit and look at a sunset and all the beautiful colors that are painted across the sky, I can’t help but sit back and think the Artist and Creator of such beautiful work. I love sunsets because they just reach down deep inside of me and touch my soul. To me, sunsets tell me a story. As I sit and watch the sun dip down over the horizon, I can’t help but think about the fact that it means a new day is coming … and whether or not the current day has been good or bad, I’m excited about the prospects of a new day and what it holds.


Sunset Quote

Another connection that I have seen is very obvious – I love books and I love libraries. Libraries and books played a HUGE part of my childhood. I went to the library at least two or three times a month – even more when I was on summer break. The library was like Mary’s Secret Garden. I could walk through the doors, walk down to the children’s area of the YA section and scour the library shelves for over an hour. I’d check out 30 to 40 books and have the majority of them finished in a couple of weeks. They were my constant companion and I loved going on adventures with them. I think because I love to read and I love mysteries, it also sparked a love of puzzle games, logic games and hidden object games. I’ve chosen a lot of images that either reference jigsaw pieces or I’ve talked about solving riddles and puzzles. I love brain teasers. I tend to want to play them when I’m stressed. There’s just something about trying to reason out what is going on that just calms me down.



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